Hello November 6, 2018!

Hi Everyone! Well today is November 6, 2018. So what are you up to today? Writing your blog(s)? Taking pictures for your blog(s)?  Checking your spelling for your blog(s)? Checking your grammar to make sure you are using a comma, instead of a period. Or colon: instead of semi-colon: Me I use too many exclamation … Continue reading Hello November 6, 2018!

Hello Mystery!

Hi Everyone!  Have you ever felt like a detective when looking for something? If yes is it after:  Moved furniture around, Cleaned out your filing cabinet, Organized your garage, Updated your phone book, Organized your photos (both albums and computer), Redesigned your garden last year and can't find the plan. I celebrate when I find … Continue reading Hello Mystery!

A Sad Day

A Sad Day  February 15, 2017 was a sad day for me and my son. Our girl Ginger "Mae" passed away. Tears are welling up in my eyes as I type this. She was such a joy. Who was Ginger "Mae"? She was a very talkative calico cat. And I do mean talkative. She was … Continue reading A Sad Day

Daily Prompt: Exposure 1

Daily Prompt: Exposure 1  Hi everyone! Hope all is well this 23rd day of January, 2017. WOW! This is a pretty good word. What do you think? January 20, 2017 USA has a new president. A lot of reactions gave Mr. Trump a lot of exposure. Especially when he said he was going to run … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Exposure 1

Daily Prompt: Treasure

Daily Prompt: Treasure Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. WOW! What is your Treasure? You might say money,  You might say property, You might say friends & neighbors, You might say my dolls from younger years,  You might say family, You might say pictures you have both past & current, You might say love,  I … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Treasure