The Street

Hi Everyone! "The street" I'm looking for is two blocks away. Found it! Wait! That's not the correct brick color for "the street" I'm looking for. Making a left turn, there it is! Now that I'm closer "the street" here has the incorrect shape I'm looking for.Making a right turn this has to be the … Continue reading The Street

Daily Prompt: Authentic

Authentic Hi Everyone! When you are looking online and it says authentic - do you believe that statement?Β Authentic mocha, cocoa, cream straight from local dairy. Cost of this specialty ====== $15.99. Auction house sale of crown worn by queen of Sheba sold for $500,000.99. WOW!! That is a true portrait done by Marion Rose done … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Authentic

Daily Prompt: Clutch

ClutchΒ  Hi Everyone! I was clutching my banana so hard so no one would snatch it, the skin popped open and the banana went flying into the air. Hope: Black Friday stores some people go really, really bonkers. Abby: Yep I know what you mean. On the second floor of discount store I was in … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Clutch

Daily Prompt: Identity

Identity Hi Everyone! What does identity mean to you? Picture of you (it's me! The one and only!)Β  Drivers license to prove our are approved to drive (not that you know how to drive) Peculiar in your ways (Yes I am) Unique, you enter a room throw up your arms and announce "here I am … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Identity

Daily Prompt: Pleased

Pleased Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Were you pleased with the service we had for dinner?Β  You have a pleased look on your face with the flowers you just received. Are your mom and dad pleased with the grades you received last quarter?Β  WOW! I am so pleased with the picture you painted for … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Pleased