Word Salad Bar – Pink

I can't believe what I am seeing!It just can't be,A pink mansion, no it 's the glass in my sunglasses, Sunglasses off. Oh my gosh! It is a pink mansion.As we walk inside and before my eyes I see,a pink elephant here, below an indoor pink window with a unique bubble design, turn my head … Continue reading Word Salad Bar – Pink

Hello Mystery!

Hi Everyone!  Have you ever felt like a detective when looking for something? If yes is it after:  Moved furniture around, Cleaned out your filing cabinet, Organized your garage, Updated your phone book, Organized your photos (both albums and computer), Redesigned your garden last year and can't find the plan. I celebrate when I find … Continue reading Hello Mystery!

Daily Prompt: Calling

Calling Hi Everyone! Calling all - wait a minute who am I calling? Who are you going to call - Ghostbusters!  Calling Car 54 where are you? Do you have any type of calling of what you want to do in your life? Carpentry is your true calling. Make sure you follow your instincts. There … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Calling

WP-Photo-Challenge “Experimental”

Experimental Hi Everyone! Is this one for me? Come on, come on open, open, open!  Why in the heck do they use so much tape? Maybe this one will be easier. It's soft, can get a couple of teeth through it. Right? Okay let me try a different corner. No that one isn't working either. WOW! … Continue reading WP-Photo-Challenge “Experimental”

Daily Prompt: Focused

Focused Hi Everyone! Have you ever had one of those days where you keep trying to focus on what you have to do? Focused? What? Say that again. Focused!! That's the best clarity I can get with such an old black and white photo. Me: I definitely need new glasses. Abby: What's wrong with them? … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Focused

Tomorrow is June 4, 2017 – Plus

Hello! Hello! Everyone, hope all is well. Just in case you didn't know - tomorrow is Hug Your Cat Day! Here's Milo! And of course "bonkers" like me.    Milo's new hiding spot! He doesn't think you can see him.  There he is! Photo was updated using Befunky.com digital art cartoon   Picture done for … Continue reading Tomorrow is June 4, 2017 – Plus