Hi Everyone! Do you know someone that doesn't hesitate to do something for you in a second? Are you there in a second when someone calls? Sometimes you don't even realize a person is "benignity." Okay everyone, look around in your world and see if you can find a person. If you can't think of … Continue reading Benignity

Kira’s Sunday Scribbles – Week 26

Hi Everyone!  How sad to see our lady with tears. Why do you think she is crying? Tear for Freedom lost, Tear for the ones that gave their lives so we as a nation could keep our Freedom, Tear for the way people are treated today because of the way they look, Tear for words of … Continue reading Kira’s Sunday Scribbles – Week 26

Hello! Have you ever heard about?🤔

Hi Everyone! Have you ever heard about blase' day? I haven't. Below is information from National Day BLASE’ DAY Blase’ Day is observed annually on November 25. On Blase’ Day, we have permission to be blase’ toward just about anything.  Of French origin meaning to be indifferent or bored with life, unimpressed, as or … Continue reading Hello! Have you ever heard about?🤔

November 24, 2018

Hi Everyone! It's the day after Thanksgiving. How do you feel? Do you feel like you can't move fast?Do you feel like you are ready to rock n' roll?Do you feel like walking around the mall? Just walk, not shopping.If you went to the mall, did you have to walk 3 miles from where you … Continue reading November 24, 2018

Hello Wisdom!

Hi Everyone! There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart. Charles Dickens Read more at: Do you have wisdom? Is your wisdom on people?  Is it on religion? How about politics? Hmm! Love? What dreams are made of? We all have wisdom. Another question is your wisdom up-to-date?  Does … Continue reading Hello Wisdom!

Daily Prompt: Cur

Cur Hi Everyone! I have seen so many dogs in my life and the one breed to me is the best to have is a "57 Variety". Now if you have never heard of this breed, it's a mixture of two to ???? dog breeds. You can have collie, poodle, sheep dog, basset hound mix, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Cur

Daily Prompt: Magnet

Magnet Hello! Hello! Everyone! What is a magnet? An object that is surrounded by a magnetic field and that has the property, either natural or induced, of attracting iron or steel. A person, a place, an object, or a situation that exerts attraction. Examples are: Electromagnet Magnetic Pole Core Physics Bar Magnet Magnet draws attention … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Magnet

Daily Prompt: Distant

Distant  Hello! Hello! Everyone! All the bloggers I know are quite a distant away from where I live. In miles we are distant but blogging keeps us close! How distant are you from your relatives? What is the distant from your home to work?  Have you ever known someone that all of a sudden became … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Distant

Daily Prompt: Swarm

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Watch out! Someone just knocked down a bee hive!  Swarmed isn't the word I'm really looking for, but it will do. It's been page, after page, after page of corrections. Doesn't anyone use spell check anymore? Do they even know how to use a dictionary?  Did you see that … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Swarm

Daily Prompt: Specific

Daily Prompt: Specific  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Today we are going to be very specific. We must be specific about measuring ingredients for cupcakes. How specific do we have to be on measuring the tile for the bathroom floor. Are you sure you were specific on the number of people coming to the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Specific