📚 2021 March

Hi Everyone! Welcome to a new month & new adventures - 📓It's time to put your book or books aside. Get your notebook (lined or unlined) pen, pencil, chisel, stone, inkwell, out and start planning the month of March. Daffodils LeeksWales celebrates St. David's Day with traditional items, including Leeks. Be Smart - Wear a … Continue reading 📚 2021 March

Hello Who’s There?

Hi Everyone! Hope: Who's there? Abby: It's me. You told me to be here at 10 am. Dot: It's me. You told me to be here at 10:05 am. Hannah: It's me. You told me to be here at 10:10 am. Ezzie: It's me. You told me to be here at 10:15 am. Now that … Continue reading Hello Who’s There?

Daily Prompt: Slight, Pedigree, Thin, Infect, Premature

Hi Everyone! Have a few words for you today! Slight Did you see that? Wow! Great slight of hand with the cards. This friend of Dot's means to flatter you, but it comes out like an insult. Pedigree Pedigree of high fashion  Pedigree of the dog world Thin as a pencil! Thin  Stressing makes your hair … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Slight, Pedigree, Thin, Infect, Premature

Daily Prompt: Taper

Taper Hello! Hello! Everyone! So what do you think about the word taper? Lovely tapered candles on her dinner table. What else can be taper or tapered or tapering? Your figure, Your nose, A silhouette picture of yourself that's been air brushed. And I do mean air brushed. Your tailor always tapers your new pants,  … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Taper

Daily Prompt: Automatic

Daily Prompt: Automatic  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. My friend: BONG! Hey what happened with the door? Me: Uh oh! The automatic door is not working today. Didn't you get the memo? Hurry up! We have to get to the laundromat to get the automatic washers, instead of the wringer ones. Do you just … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Automatic