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Daily Prompt: Identity


Hi Everyone!

What does identity mean to you?

  • Isaac MaimonPicture of you (it’s me! The one and only!) 
  • Drivers license to prove our are approved to drive (not that you know how to drive)jpg_transportation009
  • png_gymnatics_cartoon_girl_black_and_whitePeculiar in your ways (Yes I am)
  • Unique, you enter a room throw up your arms and announce “here I am darlings!!!!” (Ahh! Where is everyone?)Working-woman-clipart-clipart-club

I have said for eons “you were born as an individual,  you don’t need to be like someone else”. 

business womenHave a great day! Hope 

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Daily Prompt: Peculiar

Peculiar fairy_fantasy_home_by_roula33-d6bdky3

Hi everyone!

ME: vintage womanOkay! Who thought of this word?

Abby: Why?

ME: 1395937757905847836fantasy fairy socks sitting red-hiDo people think I’m peculiar? Every year for some reason the only person that draws the weirdest, crazy, bonkers, goofy and yes peculiar costume design is me. No matter if I draw first, middle or last I get it. It must be my magnetism and how I love Halloween!

Abby: So what peculiar person are you going to be this year?Cute-Fairy-Clipart_22

ME: WOW! I don’t know yet. Have to get my brain working on peculiar!

Have a great day! Hope 13959378641706354397fantasy fairy purple sitting leaves-hi

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PS: I think I know what I’m going to be!


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Daily Prompt: Outlier


Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

So what the heck is “outlier”

Well from what I understand from the dictionaries is someone that lives outside the given area. i.e. you live 35 miles away from where you work. bmw-mini-icon

cute_baby_girl_with_red_hair_and_pink_bowI just realized I’m an “outlier”. Wow! How interesting. That must be the reason I say “bonkers” instead of “crazy”. When I say “bonkers” I always have to say it’s a better word for crazy. Then they really give me a look.

There are more people in this world today that are “outliers” than before. How many no one really knows since people don’t admit they are an “outlier” because again people will look at them like their weird. The funny thing is they are one themselves. png_vegetable_lover_holding_huge_carrot_agricultor smlThey try to hide it from others in any way they can. But as they get older it gets harder. Guess what if someone says they are an “outlier” they will finally, finally, finally admit.

Well that is enough for now!

Have a great day! HERS Cheshire_Cat_Smiling_1

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