Hello Everyone! "Patience is a virtue". Patience - a smile when someone talks about your size. Patience - waiting for someone to makeup their mind if they really need to buy the third to last item in their shopping cart. Patience - listening to someone go on, and on, and on, about a robin landing … Continue reading Patience


Hi Everyone! Watson: Sherlock what is that fusty aroma? Sherlock: Watson I'm trying to find out where it is coming from.Watson: Sherlock you better find it soon, that fusty, funky, strong aroma is making me ill.Sherlock: Patience Watson I'm getting closer. Of course I've been smelling this aroma so long, it might be throwing my … Continue reading Fusty

Daily Prompt: Patience

Patience Hi Everyone! Patience is a virtue. From Patience is a virtue is a proverbial phrase referring to one of the seven heavenly virtues typically said to date back to "Psychomachia," an epic poem written in the fifth century. In popular culture, "Patience is a Virtue" can refer to: a 1991 single by Lois … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Patience