Hi Everyone!Hoopla? What the heck is hoopla?Let's see. Let's Party! That's my birthday present? Are you kidding me? Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from Bing.comM-W's Word of the Day Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day#Merriam-Webster #Word #hoopla #party #bonkers away #noun #upsy-daisy #whoops-a-daisy

RDP: Timely

Hi Everyone, Timely fashion - up to date with what you are wearing, Timely being on time - don't make others wait, Timely surprise moment - don't be late for your own surprise, by the time you have arrived everyone might have left. Don't worry they left you a note. "Sorry you missed your surprise … Continue reading RDP: Timely

Hello Halloween!

Hi Everyone, Are you prepared for Halloween? What supplies do you have?  Are you having a party? Young Older Older, Older, Older, Older, Older We are never, never, never ever too old!!!!  Remember traffic will be heavy starting Hallow Eve until the end of Halloween night!  Have a great day! Hope 

Daily Prompt: Faceless

Faceless Hi Everyone! Look at those faces. Professor Dull must be very boring. Hey you over there! Did you use my marker? Why in the world would I want to use your marker? Why does that supervisor always have to embarrass his staff?  Would you trust those two (2) to catch you? Let's PARTY!!!! Have … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Faceless

Daily Prompt: Conjure

Conjure Hi Everyone! Abby: Uh oh! What the heck are you conjuring up? Hope: It's a special surprise for all the men at the party. Hope: One whiff and they will turn into!  Abby: Are you kidding me? Hope: Nope! Remember the last time we went to a party what happened. Abby: OM Gosh! Girl … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Conjure

Daily Prompt: Unseen

Daily Prompt: Unseen  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. HMMMM!!!! What a word for my brain this morning. My friend and I were at a party and all of a sudden I spotted someone standing next to my friend. Below is what can happen when your friend can not see the unseen person YOU can … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Unseen

Daily Prompt: Specific

Daily Prompt: Specific  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Today we are going to be very specific. We must be specific about measuring ingredients for cupcakes. How specific do we have to be on measuring the tile for the bathroom floor. Are you sure you were specific on the number of people coming to the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Specific