Daily Prompt: Permit

Permit Hi Everyone! Do you have a permit to park in that space? Can I see your family's swimming permits? Did you get permission to cut Mrs. Smith's grass? Hey! Wait a minute. You need a permit to replace those windows. Did you hear what it cost for the renovation of the old garden fence … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Permit

Daily Prompt: Passenger

Passenger  Hello! Hello! Everyone! Wow! Can you believe it's July already? Will be celebrating the 4th of July here in the USA. Tons of food, fireworks, celebrating with relatives and friends. Have you ever been a passenger on the love train? Everyday I'm a passenger on a bus to go to work. All aboard says … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Passenger

Daily Prompt: Retreat

Daily Prompt: Retreat  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Move out the main door of the mall.  Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Don't even try to park over there, or over there, or over there. Hey! Let's go to the mall across the street. It was closed down due to no business to this … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Retreat