Hello Everyone! Abby: I have to touch that painting!Hope: Why?Abby: I just have to touch it's surface that's all!!Hope: You do realize that if you harm it in any way you will have to buy it.Abby: I just have to touch, touch, touch the surface!!!Hope: Abby, Abby, Abby, I hope you bought your checkbook.Abby: Oh … Continue reading Surface


Hello Everyone! Abby: Are you ready to cosmeticize your room?Hope: Yes,Abby: This is going to be your office correct?Hope: Yes,Abby: Let's cosmeticize!!!! Here comes your chair, Next is your desk with computer setup,Next is your lighting, Next is your filing systems,Next is your paintings, they are bonkers like you,Next is your computer and accessories,Next is … Continue reading Cosmeticize


Hi Everyone! Here's something that opened my eyes this morning while searching for something unusual. I believe I found it. The FarmThe Vegetable Garden With Donkey Lunar BirdLadders cross the blue sky in a wheel of fire Garden 2 I hope you took plenty of pictures with the above artwork by Joan Miro. Joan Miro … Continue reading Biomorph

Daily Prompt: Illusion

Illusion Hello! Hello! Everyone! I was so drained, thirsty, dry mouth, skin burnt for being in that sun that I had an illusion 10 big life guard hunks came to same me. BOY! What an ILLUSION!!!! Watch carefully what I'm doing, You pick a card, Look at it, show it to a couple of your … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Illusion