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Hi Everyone!

Hope: Dot you are terrific in poetry writing.
Dot: I always feel my muse looking over my shoulder as I write.

Hope: Abby your paintings are unbelievable! I especially love the one you just did the other day.
Abby: My muse helps me select the perfect paint colors for each stroke.

Hope: Mabel your piano playing is so soothing to listen too. Your fingers seem to flow over each piano key.
Mabel: My muse points to each piano key I need to press next.

Hope: Nins your stitching, embroidery are flawless. The aprons you did for Christmas are so meaningful to all of us.
Nins: I always feel my muse helping me pushing the thread through each stitch.
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Dot, Abby, Mabel: Hope you have the gift of “gab”!!
Hope: My muse never stops gabbing!!

Have a great day! Hope
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Daily Prompt: Vague

VagueLow Poly Shattered Question Mark With Stroke by GDJ

Hi Everyone!

I just love people that start telling me a story and then all of a sudden they become vague on the most important issue.Image result for free clip art storytelling

See the source imageThe police were so vague on what happened at the pier yesterday. Even the newspapers were so vague. See the source imageI guess we will have to wait until their get more evidence.

Dot: Look how vague the description is about the new painting.
Hope: What do you think it’s suppose to be?
Dot: Your guess is as good as mine.
Funky Painting by leightonjim2Hope: Maybe they should turn it around!
Dot: Hope, you are the only one that would think of that!

Have a great day! Hope

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Daily Prompt: Rube

emotion thinkingRube

Hi Everyone!

Hmm! Rube, rube, rube.
woman easelHave you ever worked on something for hours? Then once you step back and look at it. It suddenly comes to you, if I would have painted with red and gold instead of green and yellow, my project would have been done sooner. It could have been completed in eight (8) hours, instead of ten (10).clock

painter-penguinNext time I work on a project this size I will step back a few times and see what’s happening that will make it easier to complete.

Have a great day! flamingo dancerHope

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