Hi Everyone! Hey neighbor is it possible you can give me a ride today?  Did you know it was possible to freeze a turnip? I didn't know you have all these possibilities! Stand on one (1) leg for two (2) hours, Hold your breath underwater, Paint beautiful lotus flowers, You have a hot rod hidden … Continue reading Possibilities

My Art Work “Milo”

Hi Everyone! Here's the scoop. A friend and myself went to a place called Pinot's Palette. It's a place where you can have parties for both adults and children. Birthday, Bachelorette, Holidays, great get together with friends, plus loads of fun. They even have corporate events. It's really a lot of fun! Plus I learned … Continue reading My Art Work “Milo”

Daily Prompt: Brassy

Brassy  Hello! Hello! Everyone! Brassy can also be spelled as brassie, I didn't know that. Did you know that? Wow! Did you hear the brass section of the new orchestra? ME: She sure is brassy with people. NINS: She will never receive any type of good tips from her customers. She should be more like … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Brassy

Daily Prompt: Specific

Daily Prompt: Specific  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Today we are going to be very specific. We must be specific about measuring ingredients for cupcakes. How specific do we have to be on measuring the tile for the bathroom floor. Are you sure you were specific on the number of people coming to the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Specific

Daily Prompt: Interior

Daily Prompt: Interior  Hi everyone! Hope all is well for 4th day of 2017. My interior designer brought all the incorrect patterns for curtains, paint colors for walls in the entrance way, incorrect material for refurnishing the front room furniture. Hey! Stay within your boundaries. Don't cross the invisible property line. Watch it! Watch it! … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Interior