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Hi Everyone!

Have you “thole” lately?

Dot: Hope here is a pin to hold picture on your investigation board.
Hope: Thanks Dot! I have to organize my information better, I can barely tolerate the way it looks now.

Hope: Abby, I picked up some violin pegs so you can practice this afternoon before the concert tonight.

Abby: Thanks Hope!

Mable: Harry! Harry! Open the door please! I am loaded to the gunwales with groceries. Harry, if you want supper tonight…..
Harry: Sorry for the delay I was getting the pots
and pans your delicious stew.

Have a great day! Hope
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Daily Prompt: Organize

Organizetea cups

Hello Everyone!

Paint-Splatter-psd98190Organize, organize, organize!

I don’t know if I like, love, dislike, or really, really, really dislike the word “organize”.

women vaccumIt seems like the more I organize, the more it gets out of order. Hmmm! Does that make any kind of sense? Almost like the Mad Hatter!Β 

Does anyone out there have an area that will never, never be organized?
messy areaOf course you know my answer is yes!
After many, many, years of getting this area organized and then poof, it’s disorganized in a flash.
That spot will always be disorganized in one way or another.Β 

Congratulations to all of you who have everything in there place at all times of the day!

woman writer desk2Have a great day! Hope

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