Hello Everyone! Hope: Hi girls come on in and see how I organized my blogging room.Abby: Hope you have to be kidding. It still looks like a chockablock. Hope: Okay Abby let's go by and see your blogging room.Nins, Mabel, Penelope & Dot: Field trip!Abby: I organized my blogging room 2 weeks ago. Nins, Mabel, … Continue reading Chockablock


Hi Everyone! Have you "thole" lately? Dot: Hope here is a pin to hold picture on your investigation board. Hope: Thanks Dot! I have to organize my information better, I can barely tolerate the way it looks now.Hope: Abby, I picked up some violin pegs so you can practice this afternoon before the concert tonight. … Continue reading Thole

Daily Prompt: Organize

Organize Hello Everyone! Organize, organize, organize! I don't know if I like, love, dislike, or really, really, really dislike the word "organize". It seems like the more I organize, the more it gets out of order. Hmmm! Does that make any kind of sense? Almost like the Mad Hatter!ย  Does anyone out there have an … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Organize