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Daily Prompt: One- Way


Hi Everyone!

bmw-mini-iconSir! Sir! You’re going the wrong way! He gives me the finger. Nice guy.

Miss! Miss! You’re going the wrong way! She gives me the finger. Nice gal.jpg_transportation009

As I walked down the street to the corner, there is my partner handing out tickets to both the nice guy and nice gal.See the source image

clipart-cool-girl-call-me-smiley-emoticon-512x512-67deI smiled at both and said have a “GREAT DAY”.

Old saying “what goes around, comes around!”

Switchboard_cartoon_300Have a great day! Hope

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Daily Prompt: Sympathy

call lilly 2Sympathy

Hi Everyone!

  • blonde_hmmmHave you ever met a person that didn’t have any compassion when someone;
  • gets injured,
  • heart15heart crushed by a loved one, 
  • lose someone that has been sick,
  • in an accident,
  • killed, murdered, lost in the line of duty?

I have and it’s sad the way they act. And what’s even worse is the family can hear them. And they don’t care if they hear them or not.

After what I heard that, I don’t have any respect for that person. Mad waitress

  • Of course this person is the type that wants sympathy for themselves, no matter what happens to them, including breaking a finger nail.

NO SYMPATHY from me! woman

I may sound harsh to you, but I stand my ground in this incident!!!! 

  • rosie riveterI use my mother’s old saying for them “remember sympathy is between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.” [Miss & wish you were still here MOM!]
  • This an old, old saying from eons ago. If you go to you will find definitions on why people may say those words.
    • “If you want my sympathy look it up in the dictionary it’s between shit and syphilis.”
    • I think this saying is for people who don’t care about others. BUT when it comes to them, you better care about them or else!

Working-woman-clipart-clipart-clubHave a great day! Hope 

PS: Please excuse my language!