Everyone! Are you a buzzworthy person? Do you believe all the buzzworthy you hear? On TV who is your favorite buzzworthy newscaster? Radio? Reality Shows? Β† F.Y.I. First known use of buzzworthy was 1980. Meaning new and interesting way that attracts or deserves widespread talk or attention. "worthy of buzz." Buzz, buzz, went the trolley!Have … Continue reading Buzzworthy

Daily Prompt: Vague

Vague Hi Everyone! I just love people that start telling me a story and then all of a sudden they become vague on the most important issue. The police were so vague on what happened at the pier yesterday. Even the newspapers were so vague. I guess we will have to wait until their get … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Vague

Daily Prompt: Frigid

Frigid Hi Everyone! All of a sudden you get a frigid feeling and you wonder what caused it? Ghost walking through your home? Building a snow person? A newspaper article or television news? Some delicious ice cream or gelato? What else can you think of? How about a person that is always mad or angry … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Frigid

Daily Prompt: Dim

Dim Hi Everyone! The light bulb is dimming, better get a new one. The lite candle is slowly dimming, it's close to the bottom of the wick. The sun is setting, dimming the sky, Soon the moon will be up, bringing a moonlit night.Β  Each day we dim a little ourselves. Then a surprise comes … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Dim

Daily Prompt: Swarm

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Watch out! Someone just knocked down a bee hive!Β  Swarmed isn't the word I'm really looking for, but it will do. It's been page, after page, after page of corrections. Doesn't anyone use spell check anymore? Do they even know how to use a dictionary?Β  Did you see that … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Swarm