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🎈Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and the courage of those who dare to make dreams a reality. By Jonas Salk 🎈

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Hi Everyone!

What the heck? Let me break up the word:
Mal = bad or badly,
Apert = open, honest,
Put them both together you get “malapert” = a bold or impudent person.

In other words someone who is “open” or “honest” in a bad way.

Do you know anyone that is like that?
If you said no, then I think you better recheck your family, friends, neighbors, work place.

Still no, wake up! Smell the coffee! Smell the roses!
Come on now, recheck!! Recheck!!! I know you can do it!!!!
Oh My Gosh!! Am I being “malapert” in my writing today??

Have a great day! Hope
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Malapart word from M-W’s Word of the Day
Malapart definition from Merriam-Webster

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Hi Everyone!

My neighbor is a “cruciverbalist”. On the weekends his whole family is involved. Unbelievable how they test each other.

They invited us over one time. Great people and good sports about being a “cruciverbalist”. They explained to us what we have to look for and then decieve if that is the correct spelling, number of letters, will this work well with the other words going across and down.

We now have monthly challenges. I really have to thank my neighbors for learning something new, creative, mind boggingly, entertaining.
Thank you neighbors for showing us the meaning of crossword puzzles, how to challenge others with words.

So what the heck is a “cruciverbalist”?
Creators of

Back in the beginning the puzzles were called “word crosses” and their creators because known as “cruciverbalist”.
For more information go to

Have a great day! Hope

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Cruciverbalist word from
Crossword Puzzle Day December 21st for more information go to National Day

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Daily Prompt: Dim

See the source imageDim

Hi Everyone!

The light bulb is dimming, better get a new one.
See the source imageThe lite candle is slowly dimming, it’s close to the bottom of the wick.
The sun is setting, dimming the sky,
Soon the moon will be up, bringing a moonlit night. See the source image
Each day we dim a little ourselves.
Then a surprise comes our way and the dimming subsides.
Remember everyday you receive a surprise. Oh Yes You Do!
It’s not a huge thing like your birthday or Christmas gifts.
You look out your window and you see life starting for the day.
Flower bud opening up,
birds chirping,
neighbor picking up their newspaper that is 20 feet away from their door. I know you have a grin on your face, because your neighbor complains everyday.
I hope after reading this, your dimness has left for the day.

Have a great day! Hope

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Daily Prompt: Sympathize


Hi Everyone!
You sympathize with anyone you know that has lost;

a loved one relatives, friends, neighbors,
Orchid_Transparent_Clip_Art_Imagethe animal(s) they loved Cat, Dog, horse, bird, goat, pig,
the lost of their favorite tree, flower, bush they had for many years,
the lost of their home thru fire, weather disaster.orchid-flower3

Words are hard to come by when others have a loss.
Just do the best you can.
Let it come from the heart.

Have a great day! cropped-vintage-woman.jpgHope 


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Daily Prompt: Measure


Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.
Happy Friday. Don’t forget tomorrow is Earth Day!

  1. What measures are you going to do for Earth Day?
  2. Will you recycle bottles?
  3. Will you separate glass & plastic items?
  4. Will you take specific items to places that handles electric, PC, computer cords?
  5. Will you take your old phones where a company recycles them?
  6. Will you keep measuring amounts of what you have recycle over the year?
  7. Will you have your friends, neighbors, relatives measure their items?
  8. All of you might be surprised at the end of the year what all your measurements add up to. You might think well that’s not enough.

BUT the earth will smile if just one (1) plastic bottle is recycled!!!!

Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, your town, city, state, country, lakes, ponds, oceans what recycling means to them????

Thank you & have a great day! HERS 

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Daily Prompt: Territory

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

Hey You! What do you think you’re doing? That’s my territory you are digging up!!!! land 2

muv-map-transparentHey everyone! Here’s the map of the territory we all will be living on. Each territory section has our name on it.

Let’s all get together and decide what kind of fencing or barrier we will use on our territory. Remember we don’t want any duplicates. We have plenty of designs to pick Colorful_Fence_Transparent_Clip_Art_Imagefrom.

Look! Look! Our territory is near a lake. Hey look across the lake there’s Willie, Millie, Billie, Tillie, Gillie. I wonder what fence design they are going to pick. land 4

Wooden_Garden_Fence_with_Grass_PNG_ClipartME: Don’t get mad if the Bookers pick what we want.
NINS: Yea! I hear ya!!!! Who picks first?
ME: I’m not sure if they are going alphabetical, territory size, pick out of a hat, or go by age.

Have a great day! HERS png_girl_wind_surfing_cartoon

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Daily Prompt: Aware

Daily Prompt: Aware png_rose-vector-clip-art-image

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

  •  Are you aware of your surroundings?png_children-53108-023
  • png_astronaut-on-a-strange-planetWhat are your surroundings like?
  • Are you aware of who your neighbors are?png_kid-53108-093
  • jpg_transportation009Are you aware if all your street lights are working, including traffic lights?
  • Are you aware that trees are blocking traffic, Image result for free clip art rail road transparentrailroad, caution, slow down, Image result for printable traffic signs transparentdeer crossing, geese crossing, ducks with family crossing Image result for free clip art duck family transparentsigns?

That sure is a lot to be aware of isn’t it?

Have a great day! HERS png_cartoon_girls_017

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