🍨🍨 Oh My Gosh! 🍦🍦

Hello Everyone🍨🍨 "It is "Ice Cream Day" From National Day Calendar.com," ice cream day" is celebrated on 7/18 every year. Here's some information you might enjoy. Dish or cone? That’s all we need to know. National Ice Cream Day on the 3rd Sunday in July offers up every flavor on the menu to honor the … Continue reading 🍨🍨 Oh My Gosh! 🍦🍦

It’s Coming! It’s Coming!

Hello Everyone! Start counting down the days for: Pull out your calendar, circle it, add sticker, add stamp, set an alarm on your watch or computer calendar on this marvelous day 8/25 for https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-banana-split-day-august-25/ Have a great day! HopeMy lips can taste the ingredients right now.Photos and Clip Art from Bing.comNational Day Calendar.com


Hello Everyone! I'm stressed = I'm stressed = I'm stressed = I'm stressed = Have a great day! HopeDessert from Weekly Prompts.comMy I'm stressed pièce de résistance = the photo to the right. Clip Art from Bing.comNational Banana Split Day information & photo from National Day Calendar.com This is a test - What are the … Continue reading Dessert