Music by Discover Prompts

Hello Everyone! Music hmm, I have to write I like most music. When I hear a song and it makes me smile, tap my feet, move my arms, stand up and move around. I like it! Artists - Elvis, Pink, Elton John I mean Sir Elton John, Bette Midler, Cher, Johnny Mathis, Dolly Partner, IL … Continue reading Music by Discover Prompts

Peachy Keen

Hi Everyone! Are you awesome? Are you dynamite in; looks,brains,fashions,music,singing. Oh My Gosh! I can keep on rambling. I know, you know what of peachy keen are just for you. Come on! I see how you are writing down your selection. Or did you just go to to check out all of the peachy … Continue reading Peachy Keen

Daily Prompt: Fortune

Daily Prompt: Fortune Hi everyone. Hope all is well. What do you consider a fortune? Being a musical person? Being a person with a green thumb? Being a person with a operatic voice? Being a person that will be a ballerina? Being a person that will be on Broadway? ย  OR Being a person with … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Fortune