Hi Everyone! Love! What is love? Strong feeling of affection for another person Strong feeling of affection for an animal Watching a beautiful sunset with someone you love Walking down a path along the beach, holding hands Letting go of someone you love A word used in songs, poems, books, movies and much more. Have … Continue reading Love

Comic Books

Hi Everyone! Have you ever read a comic book? In my era, we read comic books. Then the wise old world decided comic books should be banned, due to the wording wasn't proper English. And that my friends, the end of a great form of literacy. It was a struggle for some of us to … Continue reading Comic Books

Daily Prompt: Dancing

Dancing Hi Everyone! Do you like and/or love to dance? How about watching on TV? Hmm! How about going to a movie that is mainly dancing? Did you ever take dance lessons as a child? Me I would love to dance when I see others. They make it look so easy.  Me two (2) left … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Dancing

Daily Prompt: Chuckle

Chuckle  Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Oh my gosh! Did you hear all the children chuckling when that clown jumped on the trampoline? The chuckle of the day is: You fill in the blank - have fun! ME: Did you hear those ladies in the movie theater?  NINS: Yes they sounded like crackling hens, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Chuckle

Daily Prompt: Criticize

Daily Prompt: Criticize  Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Criticize - have you ever been a critic of movies, art, theater, fashion designs? Have people agreed with you or have they "criticized" YOU? Do you like being criticized? When you criticize others do you do it with respect? Do you criticize them to the point … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Criticize

Daily Prompt: Marathon

Daily Prompt: Marathon Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Have you ever ran a marathon? Now I mean a real marathon, not running to the grocery store. Not running to the cleaners.  Not running to the movies. Not running to the gym to get on the first treadmill before others. Don't worry I haven't either!  … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Marathon