Hi Everyone! Abby: Attention! Attention! Everyone! You recieved a copy of how the dinner dishware, silverware, glassware should be set by each person. There are no if's, and's or but's. Do you understand? If not you can leave now. Hope to Dot, Nins & Mabel: Okay girls this is serious to Abby! The queen is … Continue reading Regale


Hi Everyone! I believe most people think "intoxicate" means people are on highs from alcohol or drugs. Me I think of "intoxicate" as feelings, scents, smells, adventures;love,friendships,scent of blooming flowers in the Spring,scent of ocean, sea, river, scent of fresh baked pie,scent of new perfume,riding in air balloon,the hunch you felt was true,reading a fantastic … Continue reading Intoxicate


Hi Everyone! Have you ever been immerse in a book? How about a move at home or at a show?  Hope: Hi girls! Who is going to be in the dunking water tank at our fair? Abby: Not me! Mabel: Not me! Ezzie: Not me! Nins: Not me! Dot: Not me! Dot, Nins, Ezzie, Mabel, … Continue reading RDP: IMMERSE

Daily Prompt: Prefer

Prefer Hi everyone! Do you remember "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"? Was it a movie? Was it a song? Who were the stars? Answers below - no cheating! With you toast - do you prefer strawberry jam or marmalade? Do you prefer regular or decaf coffee? Prefer Cream or milk? Prefer Sugar, artificial sweetener or "Stevia"? Answers … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Prefer

Daily Prompt: Jiffy

Jiffy Hello Everyone! I love Jiffy peanut butter, I love Jiffy popcorn,  Come on! Come on! We have to get to the show in a jiffy before the movie starts. ME: Mable better start moving in a jiffy if she expects to beat Abigail over the next hurdle. ZELDA: Are you kidding me? ME: Mable's … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Jiffy

Daily Prompt: Loop

Loop  Hello! Hello! Everyone! Have you seen the movie Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children?  As soon as I saw the word for today, this movie was the first thing I thought of. Why? To be safe they live in a loop. They relive the same day, after day, after day. Which is sad, but they … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Loop

Daily Prompt: Tender

Tender  Hello! Hello! Everyone! Happy Friday! Do you remember the song by Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender? That was a beautiful song. Have you tasted the new chicken tenders Mable made? Recipe not too good. ME: I was crying with all the tender moments in the movie. What about you? PEGS: Me too. I … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tender

Daily Prompt: Vivid

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Vivid like an imagination.  Vivid like the painting I saw at the art museum. Vivid like a wild, bright yellow, orange, purple, pink, lime green, turquoise, blue - WOW!  Vivid like the movie I just saw at the show.  Vivid like scent of my new flower growing in my … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Vivid

Daily Prompt: Gone

Daily Prompt: Gone Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Have you every watched the old movie "Gone" with the wind?  Dorothy & Toto were all of a sudden gone in the tornado from Kansas to Oz. Gone are your money worries if you win on a lottery ticket, raffle, race, gambling ante. When was the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Gone

Daily Prompt: Relax

Daily Prompt: Relax  Hi everyone. Hope all is well. Ahhh! What a day at work. I think I'll relax before dinner. Before you know it, morning has arrived. Ahhh! Great day to go fishing. Relax and watch the fish go by my lure. Come home all the time and say the "big" one got away. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Relax