Hi Everyone! Do you get the feeling you are being stymied no matter which way you turn? The CV-19 information stymies me everyday! Stymied by 6 feet apart? Here I go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and finally 6.Stymied by no eating in restaurants? Stymied by having to wear a mask no matter where you … Continue reading Stymie

Daily Prompt: Thwart

Thwart Hi Everyone! I wonder who thought of this word for a Monday morning? Plus it's snowing here in Chicago, IL USA. Well let me stop complaining and see what "thwart" is all about. Pay attention everyone! We have to cancel our trip to Heaven. We will have to wait until they fix the cable … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Thwart

Daily Prompt: Typical

Typical  Hi Everyone! Today is Monday here in Chicago, IL USA. It's a typical gloomy day. Typical before Spring begins here on 3/20 (Spring Equinox).  Typical flowers are starting to pop up - Crocus, Daffodils. Typically I would go on and on and on BUT today I will give you a break. Have a great … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Typical

Daily Prompt: Capable

Daily Prompt: Capable  Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Sunday I am capable of taking out the garbage. Monday I am capable of cleaning the cat litter. Tuesday I am capable of washing & drying clothes.  Wednesday I am capable of cooking a delightful meal. It's not microwave either. Thursday I am capable of catching up … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Capable