Milo June 2018

Hi Everyone!

Well I tried my hand at painting Milo on canvas. To say the least – well see for yourself.

Did you find Milo?

Original picture 

Milo is still giving me a look “how could you?”

Don’t worry acrylic paint was used so I can paint over it. I have a better background idea.

Thanks for your patience Milo!

Love, Hope

Milo My Cat

Hi Everyone!

Here’s Milo! IMG_1942

We’re waiting for the vet technician to come and give Milo a nail trim. Or can be called a “mani-pedi”. Milo sticks with nail trim since he is a boy.

Tired from watching me clean house

Milo is a rescue-rescue cat. It’s a long story. 
He’s a domestic short hair, pale orange, just over 2 years old and full of energy. He is a talker. If you don’t listen to him he will talk your ears off until you listen.

Milo 4 halloween
Halloween 2017

Does he listen? When he wants to or when he is tired of hearing you telling him what to do.

He loves to watch Garfield garfield computerand the Minions. minions-starfish

Have a great day! tatty_teddy_baby_40Hope

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Pictures from my phone 

  Halloween 2017
Halloween 2017

Cee’s Photo Challenge Mine’s not exactly Black & White

Hi Everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Milo.

Milo WordPress

Have a great day!

Hoperoaring twenty,jpg

Merry Christmas!

Christmas_Gingerbread_OrnamentMerry Christmas Everyone!

Milo made a ton of treats for Santa to share with everyone at the North Pole.


Milo CHP 23_24 gingermanChristmas-Pudding




Have a Very Merry Christmas! Hope & Milo

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Christmas is closer!

Cute_Christmas_Reindeer_with_Red_Scarf_PNG_ClipartHi Everyone!

Update on Milo trying to look his best for Santa.Elf_Santa_Helper_Transparent_PNG_Clip_Art_Image

Milo CHP 19

Milo CHP 20

Have a great day! Hope

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Christmas is getting closer!

Hi Everyone!

Milo! Milo! Yes Christmas will be here before you know it! 

Milo CHP 18

Have a great day! Hope

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Christmas is coming!!!!

Cute_Christmas_Reindeer_with_Red_Scarf_PNG_Clipart.pngHi Everyone! 

Milo’s count down is getting serious now. He keeps looking out the windows and watching to the left, then watching to the right. He knows someone is coming but not quite sure who it’s going to be.

Milo CHP 17

Have a great day! HopeSnowman_with_Scarf_PNG_Clipart

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Christmas is coming!!!

Hi Everyone!

One day closer to Christmas. Milo for some reason is more bonkers than usual. Maybe because a new moon is coming next week. Hmmm! Will have to double check my sources to see if anything else is going.

My friend’s cats have been acting the same way. Something must be in the air.

Milo CHP 4

cat-clipart-01-fullHave a great day! Hope

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Christmas is coming!

Hi Everyone!

Milo is waiting for Christmas to come. He is really, really, really trying to be a good boy! So far so good.

Milo Christmas HP

Have a great day! Hope

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Christmas Is Coming!

And Milo is getting ready! Well trying!

Milo 2 Christmas 2017

cat22Have a great day! Hope

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