Hello Everyone! How do you feel today? Happy, glad, spectacular, wow what a great day. or Do you feel "rowdy"? Interesting word? How many times have you used this word lately? Have you ever used this word?Now if you haven't even heard this word, you might of heard rambunctious. All I can say (write) is, … Continue reading Rowdy

Window Sills

Hi Everyone! What are you staring at? I'm the most handsome cat in the neighborhood! So beautiful! Not the flowers, me Beauty the cat! Milo🐱 Shoot! My nails need clipping! Hope - hurry, hurry, make an appointment right away for my mani-pedi.My response 🙇‍♀️ - You just had them done three (3) weeks ago.Milo 🐱 … Continue reading Window Sills


Hi Everyone! Nuance is great in this one don't you think? No! No! This one with it's different lines of color will be the best! You both need to brush up on your artwork. This one is the one. When the soft lights are on you will be able to picture yourself right there with … Continue reading Nuance

RDP: Pet

Hi Everyone!  Our pet is a domestic short hair cat, orange, peach colors. His name is Milo, He reminds me of Garfield, The way he walks across my keyboard or in front of my monitor, The way he eats, The foods he wants to eat, The foods he puts his nose up at, Sometimes he … Continue reading RDP: Pet

Hello What Makes You Happy?

Hi Everyone! I found Lemonade Life a WordPress blog site at Take a look and see if you can relate to one that will put a SMILE on your face. Some times to me it's the littlest things that make me happy.  Milo (my cat) loves to send his toys right under the refrigerator (fridge … Continue reading Hello What Makes You Happy?

My Art Work “Milo”

Hi Everyone! Here's the scoop. A friend and myself went to a place called Pinot's Palette. It's a place where you can have parties for both adults and children. Birthday, Bachelorette, Holidays, great get together with friends, plus loads of fun. They even have corporate events. It's really a lot of fun! Plus I learned … Continue reading My Art Work “Milo”

Milo June 2018

Hi Everyone! Well I tried my hand at painting Milo on canvas. To say the least - well see for yourself. Did you find Milo? Original picture  Milo is still giving me a look "how could you?" Don't worry acrylic paint was used so I can paint over it. I have a better background idea. … Continue reading Milo June 2018

Milo My Cat

Hi Everyone! Here's Milo!  We're waiting for the vet technician to come and give Milo a nail trim. Or can be called a "mani-pedi". Milo sticks with nail trim since he is a boy. Milo is a rescue-rescue cat. It's a long story.  He's a domestic short hair, pale orange, just over 2 years old … Continue reading Milo My Cat

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Milo made a ton of treats for Santa to share with everyone at the North Pole.       Have a Very Merry Christmas! Hope & Milo Clip Art from & Graphics HP Photo Creations (powered by RocketLife)