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Hi Everyone!

Did you know “links” is for “linksland”?
Where is “linksland located? In Scotland.

Ready, aim, fire!
Is this saying used for golf?

Where did my ball go?
Lady it’s in the pond. What do you mean?
See that body of water?
Yes I do. But you said a pond and that’s the ocean.
Yes it is.
So how am I suppose to get my ball back?

Linksland is located South St at the heart of St Andrews address 146 South Street, St Andrews, Kingdom of Fife, Scotland, KY16 9EQ.

Have a great day! Hope
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Daily Prompt: Conjure


Hi Everyone!

Abby: Uh oh! What the heck are you conjuring up?
Hope: It’s a special surprise for all the men at the party.
Hope: One whiff and they will turn into! clam
Abby: Are you kidding me?
Hope: Nope! Remember the last time we went to a party what happened.mermaid10
Abby: OM Gosh! Girl keeping stirring.

Have a great day! roaring twenty girlHope

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Daily Prompt: Controversy Vogue 6

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

So what is the big controversy today with our new president?

Image result for free bathroom transparentNow I have heard everything! This controversy of men vs. women bathrooms located on the twelfth floor for remodeling. The men’s is going to have more upgrades then the women. Let’s see who wins this controversy.

Meeting of the minds today. I wonder who will have the biggest controversy. Okay who do you want to take Dracula Image result for free clip art dracula transparent& FrankensteinImage result for Halloween Frankenstein Clip Art transparent or Mummy Image result for Halloween mummy Clip Art transparent& Wolf man Image result for Halloween wolf man Clip Art transparentor Godzilla Image result for free clip art godzilla transparent& Kong.Image result for free King Kong 2005 transparent

WOW! Did you hear the big blowup in HR? I couldn’t believe it. Does anyone know what the big controversy was about?

Have a great day! HERS png_cartoon_girls_017

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