Hi Everyone! Do you get the feeling you are being stymied no matter which way you turn? The CV-19 information stymies me everyday! Stymied by 6 feet apart? Here I go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and finally 6.Stymied by no eating in restaurants? Stymied by having to wear a mask no matter where you … Continue reading Stymie


Hello Everyone! The main habit I have to get use to is wear a MASK!!!!As I go out the door my checks are wallet, car keys, house keys, mask!Don't Forget The MASK!!!! No! No! Not a Mardi Gras mask!This is the type you need; or or Plus I make sure there is a scarf in … Continue reading Habits


Hello Everyone! Nins: You're too close! Get back!! There's your line! Customer: Lady it's only 2 inches.Nins: I don't care, move back! I will feel much better. I'm so wary of people getting too close. Please sir!!!!Customer: Okay lady I moved back 4 inches. Now how do you feel?Nins: Much, much better! Hope: 6 foot … Continue reading Wary