Hi Everyone! Do you get the feeling you are being stymied no matter which way you turn? The CV-19 information stymies me everyday! Stymied by 6 feet apart? Here I go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and finally 6.Stymied by no eating in restaurants? Stymied by having to wear a mask no matter where you … Continue reading Stymie


Hello Everyone! Nins: Come on in, take a seat for our colloquy discussion. Abby: I will start with my favorite colloquy wording of, of, of Hope butting in again Hope: I want to start this time around, I have put a lot of work into my poem of the day. Mabel: Welcome Penelope will you … Continue reading Colloquy


Hi Everyone! Are you in a frenzied? Are you in running around in circles looking for products? Look at all those people, they are going berserk outside that store. Did you know an ancient Norse warrior was called "Berserker"? Why you ask? Because they fought with a "frenzied" rage battle.Rumor has it they possibly ate … Continue reading Berserk


Hello Everyone! Happy Monday! Let's start the week with Jabberwocky! What the heck is "jabberwocky"? Well let's see! It could be someone saying a loopy story when they are feeling sad, or it can be someone in politics saying whatever during an election year, or a creature from Alice in Wonderland.I'm sticking with Alice in … Continue reading Jabberwocky


Hello Everyone! No one thinks I'm beautiful!! WOW!!! I Just read beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Have a great day! HopeMoue Word & definition from M-W Word of the Day.comClip Art from


Hi Everyone! I think I'll wrap myself up as a mummy! Hopefully this will keep me safe from COVID-19. Of course I will be the best wrapped mummy! Oh my gosh! I came out of my cocoon too soon!What can I do now? Hello Miss! Can you spin me a cocoon? Have a great day! … Continue reading Cocoon


Hi Everyone! Watson: Sherlock what is that fusty aroma? Sherlock: Watson I'm trying to find out where it is coming from.Watson: Sherlock you better find it soon, that fusty, funky, strong aroma is making me ill.Sherlock: Patience Watson I'm getting closer. Of course I've been smelling this aroma so long, it might be throwing my … Continue reading Fusty


Hello Everyone! To find out what I wrote below you will need to"eradicate" the following letters.Are you ready? Remove Z W H P Q G J K L R XZFWAHTZTUPESQDZQAGYJIKSLCKOZMIQNRXG!!!! Hint this day will be celebrated on January 25, 2020. Plus most people love this day. Have a great day! HopeEradicate word & definition from … Continue reading Eradicate

Outlandish Answers

Hello Everyone! Were you able to match the quotes to the actor or actress they belong to? Your answers are below! Hope you had some fun! I made more lousy movies than any actor in history. 🌟Humphrey Bogart All creative people want to do the unexpected. 🌟Hedy Lamarr It is an extra dividend when you … Continue reading Outlandish Answers


Hello Everyone! Quotes of outlandish actors and actresses from 30s, 40s, 50s. Can you match them with their pictures? I made more lousy movies than any actor in history. All creative people want to do the unexpected. It is an extra dividend when you like the girl you've fallen in love with. For beautiful eyes, … Continue reading Outlandish