Hi Everyone! Do you remember anyone from slumberland? How about Peter Pan? Who helped Wendy, John & Michael to fly? If you answered Tinkerbell you are correct! They are on their way to Neverland!! Look who is watching them fly away!!! And let me know forget the villain of this story! Have a great day! … Continue reading Slumberland


Hi Everyone! They are the happiest couple I have ever meet. I have never met a person so optimistic than Nins. Look at that sanguine rose. It's a deep blood red color.Symbol of passionate affection. Red hibiscus symbol of love and passion. I believe it falls into the sanguine color category. Have a great day! … Continue reading Sanguine

Word of the Day Challenge – Admire

Hi Everyone! Have you admired certain people in your lifetime for; Honesty - will give you the truth, Loving - have the biggest hearts in the world,  Care - helping others, Support - stand by others of hard times they are going through, Humor - words or phases that will make others feel better. Have a … Continue reading Word of the Day Challenge – Admire

December 25, 2018

 Hi Everyone! Enjoy your presents, Enjoy your dinner, Enjoy today, for this is a great day to remember why we all are celebrating, Enjoy your memories of the love ones you have lost over the years; Smiles, Go out on Christmas Eve to get a special gift, Watching them, watching what sport is on TV, … Continue reading December 25, 2018


Hi Everyone! Love! What is love? Strong feeling of affection for another person Strong feeling of affection for an animal Watching a beautiful sunset with someone you love Walking down a path along the beach, holding hands Letting go of someone you love A word used in songs, poems, books, movies and much more. Have … Continue reading Love

Hello Wisdom!

Hi Everyone! There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart. Charles Dickens Read more at: Do you have wisdom? Is your wisdom on people?  Is it on religion? How about politics? Hmm! Love? What dreams are made of? We all have wisdom. Another question is your wisdom up-to-date?  Does … Continue reading Hello Wisdom!

Daily Prompt: Sleeve

Sleeve Hi Everyone! What kind of sleeve do you want on your arm?         Have a great day! Hope Assistance from: The Free

Daily Prompt: Conversant

Conversant  Hi Everyone! Are you a "conversant" person? Am I a "conversant" person? Yes! I am. What am I a "conversant" in; fact or fiction, love, logic, truth, forgiveness, reality, honesty. In five (5) words or less - I'm a "conversant" in life. What is your specialty? Have a great day! Hope Clip Art From … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Conversant

Daily Prompt: Constant

Constant Hi Everyone! Constant: love,  kindness, care, teaching, thoughts, ideas, gratitude,  time, math, life! Thank you for visiting my website. Have a great day! Hope Clip Art From

Daily Prompt: Loophole

Loophole  Hi Everyone! So what is a loophole? There are loopholes in the law. There are loopholes in business contracts. There are loopholes in love. Hope: WOW! Loophole in love! You have to be kidding? Abby: Nope I am not kidding. Hope: Have you ever known anyone? Abby: Sure do! Millie from down the street. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Loophole