Hi Everyone! Wow! Look at that foxy lady walking down the street! Those peach-colored roses are so beautiful. Come on let's see if they have a peachy scent. Back in 1910 "cute girl" was called peacherino,Back in 1920 "sheba", "whistle bait", "zazz girl",Back in 1940 "dolly",Back in 1970 "fox", Back in 1980 "hottie" Peacherino is … Continue reading Peacherino


Hi Everyone! All of a sudden a lady hops on the stage and starts singing! Wow! That took some nerve. Plus she is a good singer. Wow! Harry is a great comedian. I didn't know he had it in hime. When he made a mistake he saved it with his impromptu talent. I have been … Continue reading Serendipitous