Hello Who’s There?

Hi Everyone! Hope: Who's there? Abby: It's me. You told me to be here at 10 am. Dot: It's me. You told me to be here at 10:05 am. Hannah: It's me. You told me to be here at 10:10 am. Ezzie: It's me. You told me to be here at 10:15 am. Now that … Continue reading Hello Who’s There?

Daily Prompt: Loophole

Loophole  Hi Everyone! So what is a loophole? There are loopholes in the law. There are loopholes in business contracts. There are loopholes in love. Hope: WOW! Loophole in love! You have to be kidding? Abby: Nope I am not kidding. Hope: Have you ever known anyone? Abby: Sure do! Millie from down the street. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Loophole

Daily Prompt: Cusp

<a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/cusp/">Cusp</a> Hi everyone! Hope all is well. We are on the cusp of a new century! ME: Don't think she used the correct mathematical equation on the board. Are you going to tell her? NINS: Are you kidding? Remember the last time I questioned something on her board? I thought the ceiling was going … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Cusp

Daily Prompt: Symbiosis

dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/symbiosis  Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. All I have to say is this word is a mouth full!  ME: Well it's a nine (9) letter word you can use in Scrabble! NINS: You have to be kidding? ME: Nope checked it out on   Word Finder   Home of the Official SCRABBLE® Players Dictionary And that's … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Symbiosis