Hello Everyone! How do you feel today? Happy, glad, spectacular, wow what a great day. or Do you feel "rowdy"? Interesting word? How many times have you used this word lately? Have you ever used this word?Now if you haven't even heard this word, you might of heard rambunctious. All I can say (write) is, … Continue reading Rowdy


Hello Everyone! Nins: You're too close! Get back!! There's your line! Customer: Lady it's only 2 inches.Nins: I don't care, move back! I will feel much better. I'm so wary of people getting too close. Please sir!!!!Customer: Okay lady I moved back 4 inches. Now how do you feel?Nins: Much, much better! Hope: 6 foot … Continue reading Wary

America’s Heroes

Hi Everyone! I didn't forget anyone on my post from 3/30/2020. I felt it probably would be very, very long to keep everyone's interest. Here I go:Restaurants still cooking our favorites for us, Bus Drivers picking up passengers that have to work, People helping food banks, sort food, package food for delivery,Funeral personnel taking care … Continue reading America’s Heroes


Hello Everyone! Have you noticed the commercials where all of a sudden people start playing the KAZOO? All of a sudden I'm moving my feet and ready to join them but I don't have a KAZOO!! So I wondered what the KAZOO was all about.Well a KAZOO play actually hums instead of blows in to … Continue reading Kazoo