Daily Prompt: Disrupt

Disrupt Hi Everyone! Am I disrupting your chatting time on the phone?Remember you're at work. Oh my! Mr. Jones white rat just escaped from his science lab. Oh boy! Now all his students will not out of his room until it's caught. Here we go again! Who do you think unlocked the cage door this … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Disrupt

Daily Prompts: Meander, Captivating, Grasp

Meander Have you ever felt like just meandering around? Have you ever moved from place to place every four (4) or five (5) years? Some people may say you are a vagabond. Captivating Look at the sunset, it's so captivating to watch the hot air balloons flying right by.Β  The shooting stars were so captivating … Continue reading Daily Prompts: Meander, Captivating, Grasp