Daily Prompt: Grainy


Hi Everyone!

Grainy to me is when someone offers you a treat they just took out of the oven, and…..

  • NINS: Want to try my new treats? They just came out of the oven,
  • png_Cookie-vector-clip-art-imageME: Let me try one, they smell delicious! Took one bite and thought I was eating bird food, it was so grainy.
  • NINS: Would you like something to drink with it?
  • ME: As I’m trying to get my bite to one side of my mouth to speak. Yes! Yes! Yes! Coffee, tea, milk, what ever is close to me.tea cup pot
  • NINS: So how do you like them?
  • ME: Just give me a moment.
  • ME: My moment is over and what do I say????
  • NINS: Come on! Come on! You drank about a quart of ice tea.
  • Gourmet-Dog-BiscuitsME: Well not bad at first. Then something “grainy” started growing in my mouth.
  • NINS: Really! Are you sure it’s just not you?
  • ME: Did you try one? If not, I suggest you try one before passing anymore out.
  • NINS: You are always so critical of what I bake. Here goes taking a bite.
  • ME: Then all of a sudden a ton of grains came flying out of NINS mouth. She took a drink of my ice tea, (good thing she made a gallon of it), tried to talk and she couldn’t. I ran to get her more ice tea and she was finally able to say something.
  • jpg_bird_01_canaryNINS: Thank you for saving my life and saving me from embarrassment if I passed them out at my party. I could just see all this “grainy” stuff flying through the air.

woman writer desk2Have a great day! Hope

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Daily Prompt: Portion

Portion banana-split-clip-art

Hello! Hello! Everyone! Happy June 1, 2017. WOW! We have reached the half way point of 2017.

I heard today it’s considered beginning of meteorological summer 2017, according to our weather manFree-weather-clip-art-by-phillip-martin-barometer-and-thermometer here (Chicago, IL USA). Farmer’s Almanac says it is June 21, 2017 Summer Solstice.  We usually go by Solstice for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

Portion is a part of something. 

  • healthy-food-clip-art-251547Have you heard of “portion” control? I think the hold world has. 
  • Did you see the portion of each slice of watermelon?watermelon7
  • iced-tea-clipart-iced_teaI said “just a little ice in my ice tea”. Look at the little ice portion, it’s a full glass. I guess some people just don’t know portion sizes.
  • Warning that new restaurant is pricey and the portions are super small. 
  • dollarAccording to what the dollar is worth, the portion is almost zero

 Calla Lily means Sophistication, beauty. What do you think?

Have a great day! HERS summer-sun-clipart-Summer-Clip-Art-112