The Street

Hi Everyone! "The street" I'm looking for is two blocks away. Found it! Wait! That's not the correct brick color for "the street" I'm looking for. Making a left turn, there it is! Now that I'm closer "the street" here has the incorrect shape I'm looking for.Making a right turn this has to be the … Continue reading The Street


Hi Everyone! I believe most people think "intoxicate" means people are on highs from alcohol or drugs. Me I think of "intoxicate" as feelings, scents, smells, adventures;love,friendships,scent of blooming flowers in the Spring,scent of ocean, sea, river, scent of fresh baked pie,scent of new perfume,riding in air balloon,the hunch you felt was true,reading a fantastic … Continue reading Intoxicate

Daily Prompt: Above

Above Hi Everyone, Hope: Look above! Again look, look above!! OM Gosh! Look, look, look above!!! One more time! Look, look, look, look above!!!! Abby, Dot, Nins, Mable: Why do you want us to look above? Hope: Just wanted you to see how beautiful the sky is, along with the hot air balloons floating by! … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Above