Hello Everyone! Hope: On boy! Here comes my favorite "nudnik"! I can't hide, she knows this is my research-blog info day. Nins: Hope I know you're home. I heard you moving around. I have some great information to tell and show today. It's so exciting. Hope: Hang in there Nins, I'm coming, trying to get … Continue reading Nudnik


Hi everyone! Do you know anyone that comes up to you and says and talks, talks, talks? Then all of a sudden they stop! It's time to getaway! Then you here "Did you know?" Me, you would think I had learned my lesson from the last time Mrs. Guilderfess was at the art museum fundraiser. … Continue reading Snoot


Hi Everyone! Nins: Hope you totally misread the sign!! When are you going to get new glasses? Is there a full moon tonight? All this happened on our street this morning! OOPS!! What a Glitch? Have a great day! HopeClip Art & Photo from Bing.comGlitch word from M-W's Word of the DayWord Definition from Merriam-Webster … Continue reading Glitch


Hi Everyone! Hope: Hi Nins! Here come my cute Leviathans. Wait until you see how they have grown.Nins: Hope are you kidding me. Look at Norbert!Norbert is a cousin to GodzillaMechagodzilla his name is AlfredBiollante his name is MooseMothra Fang is the one I found crawling on my maple tree leaf.Gigan his name is Gobby … Continue reading Leviathan

RDP – Camouflage – WOTD – Zenith

Hi Everyone! I'm trying something new today. Testing myself. Writing about two (2) words today. One is from RDP Camouflage, the second one is from WOTD Zenith. Here I go. Hope: Do you see what I see? Nins: No! What did you see? Hope: Come on try harder. It's right over there just before you … Continue reading RDP – Camouflage – WOTD – Zenith