Hello Everyone! Hope: Mabel I have a question for you.Mabel: No problem! What's up?Hope: Do you ever feel like your brain is like a sieve? Mabel: Are you kidding me? No way! I can remember what I ate for breakfast when I was ten years old.Hope: What a hypermnesia memory you have?Mabel: That morning I … Continue reading Hypermnesia

A la mode

Hello Everyone! Hope: Hi Mabel! Since we going out for something, how about going for pie A la mode?Mabel: I am ready to go where the sweetest desserts are topped with ice cream!!Hope: OM Gosh!!! Look at all the choices!!!Mabel: I'm on a sugar high already!!!! Have a great day! HopeA la mode word & … Continue reading A la mode

Zombie Reality

Hi Everyone! Mabel & Hope: I didn't know Abby was selling "realty".Mabel: I can't believe we both said "realty" at the same time.Hope: So when did Abby get her "realty" license?Mabel: I think is was last week.Hope: Look at the house she is trying to sell. I wonder who would be interested in that old … Continue reading Zombie Reality


Hello Everyone! Mable: Please spell definiendum. Hope: I think it starts with a "D",Mabel: You are correct,Hope: "e", "f", "i", "n", "i" "e". Oh my! Can I have a sip of water?Mabel: Really, Hope. Okay here's your sip of water.Hope: Ready! "n", "d", "u", "m". Whew!!!! Mabel: Now that you spelled the word, please pronounce … Continue reading Definiendum


Hi Everyone! Hope: Did you hear what happened to Mr. & Mrs. Jones?Mable: No!Hope: Someone came to their door trying to sell them the moon.Mable: You are exaggerating now.Hope: Well not the moon, but some real estate by the water front.Mable: OM Gosh! That poor couple!Hope: They have been hoodwinked a couple of times. These … Continue reading Hoodwink

Daily Prompt: Flaunt

Flaunt  Hi Everyone! Look who is flaunting her new dress and look at those flowers! You know she had them flown in from Neverland! Hope: One of this days I would like to flaunt. Mabel: And what the heck would you flaunt? Hope: Well let me think. Mabel: Your thinking won't take all day will … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Flaunt