Hello Hallow Eve!

Hi Everyone, Hope: Abby do you have your ingredients ready?ย  Abby: Here are my ingredients I'm using this year: Ingredients:ย ย ย ย ย  Abby:ย What about your cauldron? Did you clean and polish it from all the dust during the year? Hope: Sure did! You and the girls will need moon-glasses to look at it on my vacuum while … Continue reading Hello Hallow Eve!

Daily Prompt: Narcissism

Hi Everyone! Narcissism Dot:ย  Who is sitting with Abby? Hope: That's William. Dot: William who? I don't remember seeing him around. Hope: You have to be kidding? Watch this. As I'm waving my hand gentle and yelling - Hey Abby! Hey William!ย  Dot: Hope are you kidding me? The way you yelled, and, and oh … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Narcissism

Daily Prompt: Fret

Fret Hi Everyone! Hope: Abby what are you fretting about? Abby: Nothing! Hope: Here comes Dot. OM Gosh it looks like she is fretting also! Dot: I just can't believe it! Hope: So what are you fretting about? Dot: You are not going to believe this! Hope: So what happened? Dot: All I can say … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Fret

Daily Prompt: Congregate

Congregate Hi Everyone! Congregate - what a word. I'm going to give it a try. Hope: Hi Dot! Did you see the seniors from Golden Acres congregate with the seniors from Rough Riders? Dot: No I didn't. When did it happen? Hope: Sunday 2/25/18 at 2 PM. It was an amazing sight. Dot: Did anything … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Congregate

Daily Prompt: Enroll

Enroll Hi Everyone! Did you enroll for the flower arrangement class? Hope: I just enrolled in a knitting class for intermediate. Hope I do okay. You know me I'm still all thumbs with the knitting needles. Dot: So why are you taking the class? Hope: I'm getting bored with the beginner patterns. Dot: You know … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Enroll