Cromulent 🤔

Hi Everyone! Have you ever heard, read, said, wonder what is "cromulent?" Do you watch "The Simpsons?" Back in 1996 is when their fourth grade teacher never heard of the word "Embiggens" and asked the second grade teacher if she did, and her answer was "It's a perfectly "cromulent" word. Hope : Abby your lawn … Continue reading Cromulent 🤔


Hi Everyone! How's it going in your world? My world right now is full of enigmas!!!! Snow today? Who said that? The start of my enigma!Only one inch! Your mystery solved.Oh My Gosh! I thought it was only going to be one inch. Ahh! I know have a second enigma.So how many inches do we … Continue reading Mystery

Button It!

Hi Everyone! + Hope: According to;button it is a rude way to tell someone to stop talking! Why would Abby say that to me? Abby: Hope, I'm trying to get us out of here in a quiet manner, and right now everyone is looking at us with your rambling on the play. Hope: Then … Continue reading Button It!

déjà vu

Hi Everyone! I dreamt about being here in this spot a year ago. Hope: Wait don't cross the street yet!Abby: Why not?Hope: Just wait for the next light.All of a sudden "screech", "screech", "screech". déjà vu What Is The Origin of déjà vu?The late, great social philosopher Lawrence “Yogi” Berra is credited with saying “It’s … Continue reading déjà vu


Hello Everyone! Hope: Here we go again!Abby: It's suppose to be a day of friendly chatter.Hope: And look what's happening.Abby: Gossiping about nothing.Hope: I hope someone is taking notes.Abby: Hope you are the only person that would think of that. Are you kidding?Hope: Just had to add a little "bonker" stuff to this blog! Have … Continue reading Nothing

Just Be You

Hi Everyone! Be confident.Hope: I know I am right, just have to wait two (2) more minutes.Abby: Results please! Hope: Looks like at least two (2) more minutes.Abby: Results please!!Hope: Okay here are the results!!!Abby: Surprisingly you are right this time.Hope: I'm more confident in my realm, dimension, or universe of testing objects I know … Continue reading Just Be You


Hi Everyone! Did I do that? 😏Hope: I am not the one that did that.Abby: Oh yes you did. 🤨🤔Hope: How do you know I did that?Abby: Kaleidoscope told me. She's a new friend of mine. ☺😏Hope: OH! How come I haven't met her? Have the other girls met her?Abby: She told me exactly what … Continue reading Scapegoat


Hi Everyone! Abby: Dot, Hope, Mable do you recognize that guy wearing the white "fedora?" Dot, Hope, Mable: Oh my gosh! Isn't he the one that took Nins wallet when we were at the casino? Abby: There's is girlfriend. Wow! Look at that fabulous hat!! Hope: I love that pinstripe "fedora". Hope: Now a days … Continue reading Grift

Word of the day – Intricate

Hi Everyone! Hope: Hey Abby have you seen the intricate pattern Hannah has done on her garage wall.Abby: Yes I did. Stopped by her yesterday.Hope: Do you know when she started designing it.Abby: I think about three (3) months ago.Hope: WOW!Abby: It sure takes a lot of patience.Hope: That's why I'm so surprised Hannah did … Continue reading Word of the day – Intricate

Daily Prompt: Compromise

Compromise Hi Everyone! Hope: Hi Abby! How are you today? Abby: Doing great! What about you? Hope: Doing great just like you! Abby: Are you ready to compromise? Hope: Compromise?? What are you talking about? Abby: You know what I'm talking about. Hope: Now I know what you're talking about. You won't even compromise one … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Compromise