Button It!

Hi Everyone! + Hope: According to Cambridge.org/dictionary;button it is a rude way to tell someone to stop talking! Why would Abby say that to me? Abby: Hope, I'm trying to get us out of here in a quiet manner, and right now everyone is looking at us with your rambling on the play. Hope: Then … Continue reading Button It!

déjà vu

Hi Everyone! I dreamt about being here in this spot a year ago. Hope: Wait don't cross the street yet!Abby: Why not?Hope: Just wait for the next light.All of a sudden "screech", "screech", "screech". déjà vu What Is The Origin of déjà vu?The late, great social philosopher Lawrence “Yogi” Berra is credited with saying “It’s … Continue reading déjà vu


Hello Everyone! Hope: Here we go again!Abby: It's suppose to be a day of friendly chatter.Hope: And look what's happening.Abby: Gossiping about nothing.Hope: I hope someone is taking notes.Abby: Hope you are the only person that would think of that. Are you kidding?Hope: Just had to add a little "bonker" stuff to this blog! Have … Continue reading Nothing

Just Be You

Hi Everyone! Be confident.Hope: I know I am right, just have to wait two (2) more minutes.Abby: Results please! Hope: Looks like at least two (2) more minutes.Abby: Results please!!Hope: Okay here are the results!!!Abby: Surprisingly you are right this time.Hope: I'm more confident in my realm, dimension, or universe of testing objects I know … Continue reading Just Be You


Hi Everyone! Did I do that? 😏Hope: I am not the one that did that.Abby: Oh yes you did. 🤨🤔Hope: How do you know I did that?Abby: Kaleidoscope told me. She's a new friend of mine. ☺😏Hope: OH! How come I haven't met her? Have the other girls met her?Abby: She told me exactly what … Continue reading Scapegoat


Hi Everyone! Abby: Dot, Hope, Mable do you recognize that guy wearing the white "fedora?" Dot, Hope, Mable: Oh my gosh! Isn't he the one that took Nins wallet when we were at the casino? Abby: There's is girlfriend. Wow! Look at that fabulous hat!! Hope: I love that pinstripe "fedora". Hope: Now a days … Continue reading Grift

Word of the day – Intricate

Hi Everyone! Hope: Hey Abby have you seen the intricate pattern Hannah has done on her garage wall.Abby: Yes I did. Stopped by her yesterday.Hope: Do you know when she started designing it.Abby: I think about three (3) months ago.Hope: WOW!Abby: It sure takes a lot of patience.Hope: That's why I'm so surprised Hannah did … Continue reading Word of the day – Intricate

Daily Prompt: Compromise

Compromise Hi Everyone! Hope: Hi Abby! How are you today? Abby: Doing great! What about you? Hope: Doing great just like you! Abby: Are you ready to compromise? Hope: Compromise?? What are you talking about? Abby: You know what I'm talking about. Hope: Now I know what you're talking about. You won't even compromise one … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Compromise

Daily Prompt: Conjure

Conjure Hi Everyone! Abby: Uh oh! What the heck are you conjuring up? Hope: It's a special surprise for all the men at the party. Hope: One whiff and they will turn into!  Abby: Are you kidding me? Hope: Nope! Remember the last time we went to a party what happened. Abby: OM Gosh! Girl … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Conjure

Daily Prompt: Stifle

Stifle Hi Everyone! Hope: What do you mean I should stifle? Abby: I'm tired of your voice! Hope: My voice???? Abby: Yes your voice is like chalk on a blackboard!!!! Hope: Well I never, ever thought you would treat me this way. I'm leaving! You can fine someone else to put up with your horrible … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Stifle