Hi Everyone! Hope: Hello girls. I didn't realize how astute we all are.Abby: Wait a minute, Hope do you really think you are astute? Hope: Of course! Mabel: Wait a minute you two! Do you both think you are as astute as I am?Abby & Hope: Yes! Maybe even more so. Dot: Hi everyone, it's … Continue reading Astute

Hello – What? 🤔

Hi Everyone! Hope: I can't believe it? Dot: Oh! Shot-clog Abby left the building! Hope: Yes!! She just walked right out without paying the lunch bill! What a shot-clog!!!Mabel: I can still see her. Do you want me to give a yell? You know my voice carries for blocks.Hope: Thanks Mabel, I truly love to … Continue reading Hello – What? 🤔


Hi Everyone! Hope: What do you mean I'm snitty? Hmm!!!!Dot: Well - Hope: I'm waiting!Abby: When we try to explain something you (interupted by Hope)Hope: I'm waiting for your explaination! Mabel: Do you hear yourself now?Hope: OOOH! I am so sorry girls! SNITTY is the right word to use. Have a great day! HopeClip Art … Continue reading Snitty