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Hi Everyone!

Sweet a taste of honey,
Sweet a taste of sugar,
Sweet a taste of fresh milk,
Sweet a taste of freshly made chocolate chip cookies,
Sweet a taste of oatmeal raisin cookies,

Sweet Sound of music Bob Sweet’s guitar playing,
Sweet smell of money, fame, notoriety,
Sweet means many, many, many different things in the world.

My sweet is plain and simple. Cookies, ice cream, cake, pie, etc, etc, etc.
BUT I am very particular in my choices.
I’m a picky, picky, “sweet” eater.

Have a great sweet day! Hope
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Daily Prompt: Bumble

Bumble Cherry_Cake_PNG_Clipart

Let me see “bumble” the only thing I can think of is “Bumble Bee”. I know we need “bumble” bees cartoon-bee 3to pollinate flowers, fruits, vegetables, and of course honey.

betty boop beachFor me just as long as the “BB” is a hundred miles away from me I’m find. (this also includes hornets). It seems when I’m outside, the “BB” and hornets antennas will pop up and have a route straight to me. They will ignore everyone else around me and plop right on my plate.

I say to them okay it’s all yours and go in a place with four (4) walls.sun_hat_png_clip_art_image

Once they leave I check everything I can before I go outside. Ah! It’s safe. So we sit down for dessert. I have my dessert in hand and guess what? You got it!

Okay! Okay! I give up! It’s all yours!!!! banana-split-clip-art


Have a great day! HERS bee

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Daily Prompt: Scent

Daily Prompt: Scent

Hi everyone! Hope all is well on February 2, 2017.

Let’s see, scent can be a kind of stinky word png_skunk_1_in_color – right?

png_illustration-sushi-roll-set-cartoon-characters-with-chopsticks-vector-illustrationI think this sushi has more of a foul scent than a fresh scent.

Wow! Fresh honey! The scents they have added are usual and sound great. Let’s try some.png_4107-happy-honey-bee-flying-with-a-buckets-in-front-of-a-orange-bee-hives

Do you hear the sea roaring in the seashell? Can you smell the scent of the sea’s freshness?png_cartoon-children_039

Friend: Good old George Washington – could you imagine his scent when he walked by people?png_george-washington-color

Me: Who would notice? They all had the same scent!!!! Hold your nose.

Hey where is that scent coming from? As we turned the corner we found the scent from an open flower stand with all sorts of flowers. png_job_3172007-044 

Have a great day! HERS png_cartoon_girls_017

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