Hi Everyone! Very interesting word!How to explain what it is - hmm? Here's a clue - it's created by an eight (8) legged creature.What they create comes in all different sizes and shapes.Their creations you can find both outside and inside. Their creations are beautiful after it rains. Each layer of creation shines with the … Continue reading Gossamer

Daily Prompt: Messy

Messy Hi Everyone! Hmm! Messy, messy, messy. Do you have a spot in your home that always seems to have a mess? If you don't you are very, very lucky. Well maybe you aren't so lucky. The reason I say that is you don't have a daily challenge to always try and - hmm let's … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Messy

Daily Prompt: Sympathize

Sympathize Hi Everyone! You sympathize with anyone you know that has lost; a loved one relatives, friends, neighbors, the animal(s) they loved Cat, Dog, horse, bird, goat, pig, the lost of their favorite tree, flower, bush they had for many years, the lost of their home thru fire, weather disaster. Words are hard to come … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Sympathize

Daily Prompt: Distant

Distant  Hello! Hello! Everyone! All the bloggers I know are quite a distant away from where I live. In miles we are distant but blogging keeps us close! How distant are you from your relatives? What is the distant from your home to work?  Have you ever known someone that all of a sudden became … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Distant

Daily Prompt: Record

dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/record/  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Now if you are a couple of eons old you might remember we played records. Today they are called "Vinyls". Some of you may still have them. If you do depending on what you have might be worth some money. If you don't want to sell them, make sure … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Record

Daily Prompt: Doubt

Daily Prompt: Doubt  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Do you have the following: Doubts about your personality? Doubts about your looks? Doubts about your clothes? Doubts about home or condo? Doubts about the makeup you use? Doubts about the perfume, cologne, after shave you use? Doubts about your friends? Let's see: If  your personality … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Doubt