Hello Penguins!

Hi Everyone! I'm writing about the bird, not the hockey team. Did you know penguins have their own holiday? April 25th mark it on your calendar. The information is from; TheSpruce.com. There are only eighteen (18) species of penguins. Only five (5) species art not endangered, vulnerable, threatened according to BirdLife International (BirdLife.org). Large or … Continue reading Hello Penguins!

Christmas is Coming!!

Hi Everyone! Christmas is coming and getting closer. Milo is rambunctious today! All of a sudden he spotted a pack of gum on the table. He hopped up and took his one paw like a hockey player hitting a puck and it went flying to the floor. Of course Milo went flying so he could … Continue reading Christmas is Coming!!

Daily Prompt: Athletic

Athletic Hi Everyone! Are you full of energy today? Powering up for your game today? Stretching you muscles? Testing your bat? Testing the bowling lanes? Testing the field? Hope is checking that the tennis net is at the correct height! Abby is checking the height of the ping pong net!She plays a mean game.   Spiking … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Athletic