Hi Everyone! What is a mustache?The hair growing on the upper lip . Especially: such hair grown and often trimmed in a particular style. A long mustache combed and waxed. How about the stars below? Do you recognize any of them? Have a great day! HopeClip Art and photos from Bing.comMustachioed definition from The Free … Continue reading Mustachioed


Hi Everyone! Scrutinize is my middle name! Sherlock, my scrutiny is better than yours. No! No! Sherlock & Hercules. We Inspector Clouseau's were voted to have the best scrutinize noses in the world. Not again! You fellows always think you have the best ways to inspect your surroundings. My inspection of a crime scene is … Continue reading Scrutinize

Hello Mystery!

Hi Everyone!  Have you ever felt like a detective when looking for something? If yes is it after:  Moved furniture around, Cleaned out your filing cabinet, Organized your garage, Updated your phone book, Organized your photos (both albums and computer), Redesigned your garden last year and can't find the plan. I celebrate when I find … Continue reading Hello Mystery!