Daily Prompt: Harmony

Harmony olddesignshop_ladieseveninggowns1891

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well.

Hear the harmony of the American_Robin_n09-1-007_l_0robins singing,

Harmony of the audubon falconAmerican Kestrel,

png_4107-happy-honey-bee-flying-with-a-buckets-in-front-of-a-orange-bee-hivesHarmony of the honey bees gathering pollen,

Harmony of my neighbors kittens 012meowing,

Harmony of Pyrrhuloxia (Cardinalis sinuatus), waking you up in the morning.

Well this is enough harmony for me today!

Have a great day! HERS 20080121-underwood-typewriter-poster-1920s

Pictures from Audubon.org, Bing.com, Graphics Factory.com


Daily Prompt: Construct

Daily Prompt: Construct

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well! 

Wow! What shall we construct today?

  1. blogs are constructed 1334930472998789175follow-my-blog-bubble-orange-svg-hi
  2. homes are constructed
  3. bridges are constructed
  4. cars, trucks, buses, trains, ships, planes are constructed
  5. A.I. are constructed
  6. humans are constructed
  7. Legos, Lincoln logs, K-nex, Mega Bloks are constructed
  8. photos, art work, Jigsaw puzzles are constructed jigsaw-puzzle-6-pieces-hi
  9. clothes, shoes, hats, gloves are constructed 11949852851552968440vestito_rosa-svg-hi
  10. Love, harmony, tenderness, sweetness, are constructed i-love-you-dad-clipart-zyck4n7te

 There are many things in the world today that are constructed. The above are only a few. All of the above are important. Pick your favorite and construct, create, build, fabricate, assemble.

Have a great day! HERS png_cartoon_girls_005