Hello Everyone! Doodle - Do you doodle?Dictionary meanings; an aimless or casual scribble, design, or sketch also : a minor work,a design, figure, or the like, made by idle scribbling. Doodling to me is something that keeps my brain cells working, plus it surprises me is what the heck did I just draw. Scary isn't it?? So … Continue reading Doodle

Word Salad Bar – Pink

I can't believe what I am seeing!It just can't be,A pink mansion, no it 's the glass in my sunglasses, Sunglasses off. Oh my gosh! It is a pink mansion.As we walk inside and before my eyes I see,a pink elephant here, below an indoor pink window with a unique bubble design, turn my head … Continue reading Word Salad Bar – Pink

Hello Halloween!

Hi Everyone, Are you prepared for Halloween? What supplies do you have?  Are you having a party? Young Older Older, Older, Older, Older, Older We are never, never, never ever too old!!!!  Remember traffic will be heavy starting Hallow Eve until the end of Halloween night!  Have a great day! Hope 

Hello? Hello? Hello? Are You There?

Hi Everyone, Just wondering if you are out there reading my blog(s)? Are you too busy chasing the rabbits away from your garden? Are you running around picking up pumpkins, squashes, etc for Halloween? Are you busy writing your Christmas gift list? Are you organizing guest list, menu list, dessert list for your festive Thanksgiving … Continue reading Hello? Hello? Hello? Are You There?

Hello October!

Hi Everyone! October is here. Time of year for fall weather. Look forward to Halloween. Plus Indian Summer.  Let's not forget the the "tricks" remember no eggs, soap, rotten fruit thrown around. What type of "tricks" = games you can play?  I always looked forward to the great stuff in my era. candy fruit gum  … Continue reading Hello October!

Milo My Cat

Hi Everyone! Here's Milo!  We're waiting for the vet technician to come and give Milo a nail trim. Or can be called a "mani-pedi". Milo sticks with nail trim since he is a boy. Milo is a rescue-rescue cat. It's a long story.  He's a domestic short hair, pale orange, just over 2 years old … Continue reading Milo My Cat

Halloween is here! Halloween is here!

It's here! It's here! Halloween!!!! WOW! WOW! WOW! Milo and I are all set. We started up the cauldron last night. Added our favorite items: bat wings eye of newt tip of rat's tail hair of werewolf for an extra kick Jalapeno pepper Ghost pepper (no pun intended) Green, yellow & orange peppers for a … Continue reading Halloween is here! Halloween is here!

Halloween is coming! 2 more days!

Halloween is coming!   2 more days!  Wait! That can't be true???? Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN! Milo has to make up his mind pretty quick! Have a great day! Hope PS: There goes another hat in the air! Pictures from & Graphics

Halloween is coming! 3 more days!

Halloween is coming! 3 more days! WOW! WOW! WOW! I'm running out of hat suggestions for Milo! He is sooooo picky! Now I think Milo is over doing it! Sometimes he acts like a king, the way he talks when he wants his dinner. He changes his tone when he see's a can or pouch … Continue reading Halloween is coming! 3 more days!

Halloween is coming! 4 more days!

Halloween is coming! 4 more days! Here we go again! Milo found another hat! I think Milo would fit right in with the hobbits and elves. What do you think? Have a great day! Hope Pictures from & Graphics