Hello Everyone! Hope: On boy! Here comes my favorite "nudnik"! I can't hide, she knows this is my research-blog info day. Nins: Hope I know you're home. I heard you moving around. I have some great information to tell and show today. It's so exciting. Hope: Hang in there Nins, I'm coming, trying to get … Continue reading Nudnik


Everyone! What the heck is a buzzwig or buzz wig?Do I really want to know?Aw come on!You have to take a guess!I would think it has something to do with a wig - right?You got the wig part right!Buzz, buzz, buzz = No bees involved. Bees are always in a bonnet.How about a "buzz" hair … Continue reading Buzzwig

Daily Prompt: Tailor

Tailor  By any chance do you have your clothes tailored? Wow! Your tailor does a fabulous job! By any chance do you have your hair tailored to the style of the decade? Wow! The color of all your rooms seem to match the color of your garden flowers. Wow! Your kitchen matches your vegetable garden. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tailor