Hello Everyone! Hope: On boy! Here comes my favorite "nudnik"! I can't hide, she knows this is my research-blog info day. Nins: Hope I know you're home. I heard you moving around. I have some great information to tell and show today. It's so exciting. Hope: Hang in there Nins, I'm coming, trying to get … Continue reading Nudnik


Hi Everyone! Razzmatazz got my feet moving this morning. Ragtime Razzmatazz I love this hair color and I can't forget to have my nails done Can you imagine if your garden was full of Razzmatazz flowers? WOW! YUMMIE! Razzmatazz smoothie! Have a Razzmatazz Day! HopeClip Art & Photos from Bing.comRazzmatazz word from Weekly Prompts.comDefinition assistance … Continue reading Razzmatazz

Daily Prompt: Roots

RootsΒ  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Let's get down to the root of what is causing this riff among us! ME: Nins what time do you want to go get our roots done today?Β  NINS: How about 1:00 PM? This way we can go out for dinner afterwards. ME: Sounds good to me. What … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Roots