Hello November 6, 2018!

Hi Everyone! Well today is November 6, 2018. So what are you up to today? Writing your blog(s)? Taking pictures for your blog(s)?  Checking your spelling for your blog(s)? Checking your grammar to make sure you are using a comma, instead of a period. Or colon: instead of semi-colon: Me I use too many exclamation … Continue reading Hello November 6, 2018!

Daily Prompt: Educate and Elevate

 Educate Elevate Hi Everyone! Now a days, there's no more reading, writing or arithmetic. Now you have reading, writing, science, history, art, music. To educate children they also have a choice of projects to be involved. Education is very, very important. If you want to get ahead in this world, you need education starting with kindergarten, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Educate and Elevate