Hi Everyone! Abby did you hear all that talk going on in Mabel's group. Hope sure did, they are all full of "malarkey!" They try to impress all of us in the room. I have to give them credit how they try to impress everyone! Of course our group has two "flibbertigibbets".Paisley comes out with … Continue reading Words


Hello Everyone! What? They are such busybodies! Are you sure? You know how they like to spread gossip. Of course I'm sure? Plus you know they are on top of all gossip!! Come on I'll prove it to you! Girls it is totally true. We wouldn't spread quidnunc if it wasn't true. Have a great … Continue reading Quidnunc


Hi Everyone! Ouch! Ouch! Her voice pierces my ears! She's won the battle! Where are my ear muffs? Can you give me an idea when Ralph might be able to hit the target? Dot: Okay girls this should be the best tournament! Hope: Who did you put a wager on? Abby: Ralph is pretty good … Continue reading Hamartia