Hi Everyone! Happy April 20, 2021! Today in Chicago, IL 60634 U.S.A.we might get rain,we might get sleet,we might get snow,we might get slush,we might even get graupels. Are you wondering what graupels are?"Graupel is alsoย called snowย pellets or soft hail, as the graupel particles are particularly fragile and generally disintegrate when handled. Sleet are small … Continue reading Today

Pink Fairy Armadillo

Hello Everyone! Have you ever heard of a "Pink Fairy Armadillo?" Also known as; "Pichiciego" is the smallest species of armadillo, first described by Richard Harlan in 1825. This solitary, desert-adapted animal is endemic to central Argentina and can be found inhabiting sandy plains, dunes, and scrubby grasslands. Information from Wikipedia More information from Wikipedia "Pink … Continue reading Pink Fairy Armadillo


Hi Everyone! Have you noticed all the quiz games that are out now on the web, iPhone, Bing, Google, advertisements while playing a game. I like to keep the cobwebs out of my brain. All of a sudden I spot an email about taking a quiz on "had or have". Guess what I kept a … Continue reading Quiz

Halloween – 1

Hello Everyone! ๐ŸŽƒ I "Googled" Halloween meaning to see what would came up. the night before All Saints' Day"Hallow" โ€” or holy person โ€” refers to the saints celebrated on All Saints' Day, which is November 1. The "een" part of the word is a contraction of "eve" โ€” or evening before. So basically, Halloween is just … Continue reading Halloween – 1


Hello Everyone! NASA is calling all "Astrophiles" !!!! Are you an "Astrophiles"? Then it's time for you to apply to NASA. They are starting to take applications. Are you a "star sailor"? Then check out NASA! Practice model Are you sure the one below is the one? Yes I'm sure!Are you really, really sure?? The … Continue reading Astronaut

Did You Know?

Hi Everyone! Did you know Thursday 1/23/2020 is National Handwriting Day?It sure is. Did you know Microsoft released "comic sans" font in 1994? Did you know there are 200,000+ not more than 260,000, this includes individual fonts not families. Family fonts - hmm? Times New Roman Bold and Times New Roman Italic are not the … Continue reading Did You Know?


Hi Everyone! To me the flower above is unusual. To others who live in the area where it grows may find it beautiful and know it's unusual qualities no one else knows. Tom Jones 1965 song It's Not Unusual."It's not unusual to be loved by anyoneIt's not unusual to have fun with anyoneBut when I … Continue reading Unusual