Helloooooo Everyone! I think I just "foozle" the spelling of hello. Oh My Gosh! He doesn't realize he "foozled" the golf ball. Abby: I hope, Hope didn't "foozle" her chili this year with those super hot peppers she gets.Nins: Me too! She gets so "foozled" when she's making it. Hope: Oh My Gosh, Willow - … Continue reading Foozle


Hi Everyone! Did you know "links" is for "linksland"? Where is "linksland located? In Scotland. Ready, aim, fire! Is this saying used for golf? Where did my ball go?Lady it's in the pond. What do you mean?See that body of water?Yes I do. But you said a pond and that's the ocean.Yes it is.So how … Continue reading Links

Daily Prompt: Avid

Avid  Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Are you an avid baseball fan?  Are you an avid football fan? Are you an avid soccer fan? Are you an avid skate boarder?   Are you an avid golfer? Are you an avid bowler?  What are you avid with? Have a great day! HERS  Definition Pictures from … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Avid