Hi Everyone! Hope: Hi Nins! Here come my cute Leviathans. Wait until you see how they have grown.Nins: Hope are you kidding me. Look at Norbert!Norbert is a cousin to GodzillaMechagodzilla his name is AlfredBiollante his name is MooseMothra Fang is the one I found crawling on my maple tree leaf.Gigan his name is Gobby … Continue reading Leviathan

Daily Prompt: Massive

dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/massive/ Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. I wonder what that massive statue of Godzilla weighs? That's not Godzilla that's is girlfriend Lola. I wonder how they will get that huge organ in their condo?Β  Did you just see what I did? That's the most massive Thanksgiving turkey balloon I have ever seen in a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Massive

Daily Prompt: Fishing

Daily Prompt: FishingΒ  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Right now I'm fishing around for words to write.Β  Remember the "fish" they left for "Godzilla" to eat in the movie?Β  What type of lure do you use for "fishing"? Depending on where you are you may use fancy lures, somewhere else you may use a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Fishing